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Jan 18, 2020 - code "angielee" 


The Empowered Couples Podcast with The Freemans 


Questions Asked In This Interview:

  1. Both of you individually are successful in starting a business and running a company. What principles or mindset has made you successful in business that you see will have the relationship also be successful? 
  2. How do you switch from a dominant leadership role energy to softening into a supportive and open state when your partner needs it? (And not just bulldoze them)
  3. That’s such a great point you make so can you talk more about leading within the relationship and the roles of Provider/Protector and Supporter/Enhancer?
  4. What else do you see is needed for really effective and smooth communication within the relationship? 
  5. For women if safety and appreciation is the foundation for physical intimacy, how do you have your female partners continue to feel safe and appreciated? 
  6. How do you keep from feeling guilty or your partner feeling neglected when you want to focus more on your business and your impact?