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Nov 24, 2016

6 years ago, I personal trained for $30/an hour. Sadly, I drove 15 miles for $30 clients. I gave discounts to every single client and was STUCK in major money blocks. I was determined to start working SMART.

 Here's how I went from $30/hour to over $300 an hour.

Are you nervous to UP your prices and overcome your money blocks?

In this episode I share:

  • Some vulnerable stories about why I went into business coaching + how I finally began to charge what I was worth. 


  • Why you never want to call yourself cheap, poor or broke. 


  • A funny story about how my dad paid for my brother's karate class, with only $180 in his bank account. 


  • Why you WANT your clients to invest in you and why it's a win win. 


  • What actually happens when you increase your prices